Informed observers of Cameroon usually refer to the early 1990s as burning years; the economy is stalled, investors are difficult to find. A wind of democratization is blowing across the continent, putting under further pressure the countries already weakened by the financial and economic crisis.

Despite this uncertain political-economic situation, a young promoter, barely 31, runs the risk of a leap into the unknown: going against the expectations, he bets to create successively 3T Cameroun and Fme-Gaz.

Decisively, with optimism and enhanced leadership, the CEO André FOTSO ensured the development of his two companies.

Run a company in a drastically changing Africa is not easy. Supervision of several entities, each with a different activity, is even harder. The setting up of a holding to gather cross-divisional and support functions (Human Ressources, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, Management and Operations Control, Communication, Research and Development) seemed to be the appropriate solution to alleviate entities’ task in order for them to focus on their core business.

The Holding TAF Investment Group was introduced in the mid-2000 with 3T Cameroun and Fme-gaz in its portfolio. In 2010, the group grew with the acquisition of Cometal: this constitutes the first successful purchasing experience.

Nowadays, TAF Investment Group employs 800 man and women willing to work for its development and influence.